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Passing by Fort Bragg on our way out

Long straight rural road with rolling hills

Plowed and ready to plant

More pretty landscaping

Patriotic Pioneer

Large farmhouse and it's field near our campgound

Our RV resort - Bass Lake

Salisbury Elks Lodge

Bartender wears a "volunteers" T-shirt. I want one - I love the...

Enjoying our RV neighbors, Charles & Graceann

Johnny the helicopter pilot telling his stories

Nice meeting room with cushy chairs and great dance floor.

North Carolina loves their Nascar drivers

A full rainbow after the brief shower

Yesterday we left the Fort Bragg area heading sort of north west to Salisbury, NC. We had made reservations a few weeks ago for a Western Horizon/R.O.D. RV park to make sure we were settled into a campground over Independence Day weekend.

The roads that got us there were rural roads, but even though they were two lanes, the speeds were high on them and easy driving. Some hills, some curves and some long straight stretches passing farm lands ready for planting, more bright yellow landscape and an amusing pioneer statue holding the American flag at a gas station. Never a dull moment on the road.

It was still very hot & humid but the 30 amp electric kept our A/C going 24/7. We were parked by the swimming pool and took advantage of it for hours at a time, floating on noodles and chatting with our neighbors. There were many migrant pipeline workers with families working in the area for Dupont. We heard there were over 4,000 migrant pipeline employees on this natural gas pipeline job. One young couple in the pool with a baby chatted with us about this being the farthest from home he has worked, he's from northern Texas.

Another pool couple, Charles & Graceann, were Elks so we trotted off to visit the Salisbury Elks for a toddy today. Huge brick building with Bingo downstairs and lounge upstairs. We met a former Navy Helicopter Pilot who told his stories to a rapt audience. He also showed us around their lodge, including the large meeting room with the cushy theater seats, wow.

For our Nascar friends, you can see by the highway sign photo that NC loves their drivers. Then one afternoon after a little shower we had a great rainbow. Awwwwww!

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