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Eastport, NL - Shriner's RV Park - Site 52

Gander to Eastport 1 - this was our route to Eastport

Gander to Eastport 2

Gander to Eastport 3

Gander to Eastport 4

Gander to Eastport 5

Gander to Eastport 6

Coastal Drive 1 - this shows our travels on the first afternoon...

Coastal Drive 2

Coastal Drive 3

Coastal Drive 4

Coastal Drive 5

Coastal Drive 6

Coastal Drive 7 - we're talking the side of a mountain here!

Coastal Drive 8

Coastal Drive 9

Coastal Drive 10

Coastal Drive 11

Coastal Drive 12

Coastal Drive 13

Coastal Drive 14

Coastal Drive 15

Coastal Drive 16

Newfoundland Fox, not the one we saw run across in front of...

Terra Nova NP 1 - from the top of Blue Hill -...

Terra Nova NP 2 - more from Blue Hill

Terra Nova NP 3 - and more

Terra Nova NP 4 - and more

Terra Nova NP 5 - berries of some kind along the trail...

Terra Nova NP 6 - the top of Terra Nova from the...

Terra Nova NP 7 - more of the top of Terra Nova

Terra Nova NP 8 - and more of the top of Terra...

Terra Nova NP 9 - looking south into the park from the...

Terra Nova NP 10 - a woodpecker doing his thing along our...

Terra Nova NP 11 - a little guy along the trail -just...

Terra Nova NP 12 - and the trail goes UP

It was a short 53 mile drive today under overcast skies but we managed to avoid the rain that was coming sporadically. We drove past the RV park on the first try since they had changed their name and the web site I found them on hadn't been changed. Since they were the only park in the area, Doris called them and sure 'nuff we had to backtrack but were only delayed about 10 minutes. We have 30 amp full hookup with so-so WiFi and decent cell coverage. There is one channel, almost, on the antenna - I sure miss my satellite!!!

After getting set up, we made a quick trip to the Terra Nova National Park, viewed a short video, looked at the displays and picked up a hiking trail map. We then went the other way from the campground and toured the area starting with Sandy Cove and branching out to Salvage and Burnside. It was only about 24 miles but was some of the prettiest we have seen to date. Salvage was very picturesque situated on a mountain coast with all of its fishing character.

Wednesday we went hiking in Terra Nova. They had a 3 km trail we wanted to take that turned into about 4.5 km after we got lost and had to retrace our steps. It was a nice walk even if I did trip over myself once and manage to wind up on thick, wet sphagnum moss. Luckily I didn't do any damage to the moss or myself. They say the moss can hold ten times its weight in water and I believe it. I was still soaked an hour and a half later!! They didn't have any hiking badges at the park so it turned out to be a real bummer!

I have also included a picture I didn't take of a Newfoundland Red Fox. One quickly crossed our road when we were on the Road to the Isles tour and I forgot to mention it. He ran across much too quickly for us to get our own picture. You may notice that his coloring is very similar to the red fox in Denali last year.

Tomorrow we head for Bauline East, NL which is about 170 miles south of here on the coast. If they give us the camp site we reserved, it should have a wonderful view.

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