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With all the traveling we have done in our lives, one would think that we would have the getting ready part down pat. But inevitably the night before we leave, I awaken at 3am and review all the details. The climate variations on this itinerary are not nearly as dramatic as some we have prepared for. Nevertheless a cruise always requires that extra suit case of higher caliber clothing. Since we are taking two separate cruises, it will be easy to repeat the selections boring no one but ourselves.

I've made some technology changes. Although the Mac laptop was quite compact, we have added a Windows Eee to the computer collection and the keyboard is so small my fingers run into one another as I type. This mini laptop could easily fit into my gargantuan travel purse. I am apprehensive that I have not loaded all the software I will need or that I have forgotten to transfer all the emailed confirmations and proofs of purchase we will need as we move from one part of the trip to another. Making mini movies for this blog will be especially challenging. Hopefully, our friends and readers will not be able to tell when I am struggling.

After resisting for quite a while, I have also purchased a Kindle. Supposedly this eight ounce device can hold up to 1,000 books and new ones can be added even when we are overseas. After downloading samples of three travel books about Rome, making the best choice was as easy as it would be rifling through the pages in the book store. I don't like to purchase things I haven't held in my hand, but we know no other Kindle owners. At first blush it seems easy to read and has a long battery life. And most of all it makes the suitcase much lighter.

The space and weight saved is easily replaced by the medications and devices an aging body requires to keep on boogieing down the road. While we have no major health concerns knock wood, it seems like every time we are at home, I'm at the physical therapist, finding a way to work around some new ache. It will be a race to get to all the destinations on our travel list, before we wear out altogether.

And so, we're off...

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