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Upper Liard, YT - Baby Nugget RV Park - Site 2

Upper Liard, YT - Baby Nugget RV Park - Site 2, another...

The trailer and truck camper about half way down the line were...

This caravan of 15 showed up about an hour later

Sign Post Forest 1

Sign Post Forest 2

Sign Post Forest 3

Sign Post Forest 4

Sign Post Forest 5

Sign Post Forest 6

Sign Post Forest 7

Sign Post Forest 8 - this plate only expired 3 days ago

Sign Post Forest 9 - the forest is at least a square...

The highway between Carcross and Upper Liard was very good and we were able to average almost 50 mph driving between 50 and 60, driving the 236 miles in 4:45. The speed limit even went up to 100 kph for most of the trip. We haven't seen a speed limit that high in three months. In the first hour of the trip we had a porcupine cross the road in front of us and a coyote running in the ditch next to us. My picture of the porcupine was to blurry to post and the coyote happened too fast to even get the camera turned on. The scenery would have been great except for the smoke. Visibility was less than a half mile most of the way. We could occasionally see the outline of a mountain but that was all.

We are staying at the Baby Nugget RV Park just west of the Alcan/Cassiar Hwy junction. We have 30 amp, water, limited cable and WiFi. There is no cell service here as we expected.

Monday we went into Watson Lake, YT and visited the Sign Post Forest. This is an area, acres in size, next to the visitor's center where people traveling the Alcan Highway put up signs commemorating their visit to that highway. It was started in 1942 by an American soldier when he put up a sign pointing to his hometown and saying how far it was. Now there are over 60,000 signs up and about 6,000 per year are currently being added though they may be down a little this year. We didn't add to the total! :)

We also visited the Northern Lights Centre where we saw a film showing the Northern Lights (also called the Aurora Borealis) and what causes them. That has to do with magnetic fields at the earth's poles and solar storms. They also showed a film showing what it takes to become an astronaut, their training and the dangers associated with space travel. They were both very interesting.

Tomorrow we head down the Cassiar Highway which we plan to take a week or so to traverse.

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