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Lighthouse on the point

Vulture looking for lunch


A few hours north of Huanchaco we stayed at another fishing village called Pacasmayo. Alisons brother Mark had recommended it to us as it was one of his favourite places in Peru. It was the least touristy place we visited in all of Peru and planning on only staying a few days we enjoyed it so much we ended up staying almost 2 weeks. Situated on a windy beach it had one of the longest wharfs in Peru that stretched far out into the ocean surrounded by dozens of fishing boats and nets.

We spent the first few days there wondering what the local people ate, we knew you could buy fresh fish and crabs on the wharf but were struggling to find fresh fruit and vegetables. Finally on our third day we walked down a street that had the answer, we found the local markets where you could buy any fresh produce you wanted. It was really cheap and because we had access to a great kitchen we ended up cooking dinner most nights.

One morning Ryan got up on sunrise and went to buy some fresh fish for dinner. He returned with half a dolphin fish, costing only about $3 and it ended up feeding 5 people at the hostel.

We spent most of our time there relaxing and swinging in the hammocks, finishing off our books and playing with the dogs that lived in the hostel. We met some really nice people at our hostel and the owner and his family made us feel really welcome, cooking us homemade pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven and helping us practise our Spanish.

We had some nice walks along the beach, it was a long way to the point, over an hour where we sat watching people surfing in the icy water. We saw some amazing sunsets over the Pacific, imagining at home it would be sunrise at the far side of the great blue


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