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Right wing Berkley

good eats

The most elegant




Free standing single plants


1870 original train station established by Korbel bros(tour start)

Two for one!

Korbel's used the plentiful redwoods for bldging...no "rot or termites"

Original handmade brick blding


All doors minimum of 3-4 inches thick







Tiffany made goblet for millenium Time's Sq toast

The ground's are rich with flowers


The original Korbel home




Winery signs on each street sign

The FBI on "patrol" in our campground

The camp site rested on a peninsula high above Lake Sonoma. It was impossible to get a photo encompassing the entirety of the lake as it surrounded us on three sides. Three valleys are responsible for growing +/-60% of the US wine production. Each valley follows a river or creek ending in the Pacific 55 miles south. Also, each valley climate and soil determine which grapes are grown where. The growing process is quite interesting. Such meticulous detail goes into the pruning and cultivation of the grapes. At the next level another set of well defined guide lines is followed to make the wine. Our best experience was at F. Korbel & Sons. Historically, they are the oldest family owned winery in the country. All of this is well preserved and shared with the public via free tours and tasting. We ate lunch at delicatessenssan which served exactly what my mind perceived California style food to be! We included some pictures of other winery entrances and fields. As chance would have it, we offered to assist the run-away boat people from Berkley. It was quite a humorous situation as their fishing boat left its parking spot and traveled into a fence. You had to be there for graphic humor. These folks dispelled our perceistereotypicalical California image by sharing hearty snacks and wine with us. After three bottles of wine, 5 or 6 different kinds of cheeses, veggies, and tofurkey sausages(grilled), we called it a night. Yes, you heard me correctly...tofu/turkey sausage from Trader Joe's...tastier than one might imagine. Anticipate a north bound trip along the Pacific coast and the famous redwoods.

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