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The Maryland State House at Annapolis

The capitol of Maryland



The dome of the chapel at the US Naval Academy

Driving across Delaware into Maryland reminded us of the farmlands of Iowa, the only difference was no Winger family to visit and they and their wonderful fellowship to enjoy!

Got into Annapolis during the morning rush to work. The streets are narrow and a bit difficult to navigate, but Steve got us through it all and parked, which is always a welcome relief! Annapolis is a very quaint, heritage town, not too large and still appears to have the atmosphere of a small home town.

We mistook the dome of the Naval Academy chapel for the state capitol, but learned that that very dome was were President Bush held the Israeli/Palestinian debacle last November. (The sentry at the guard shack gave us that peice of info.)

The capitol was closed for renovation so we stood on the sidewalk in front of the building and made the proclamation. As I was reading from Jeremiah a helicopter took up a position over us -stationary, pointed right at us- hovering there in space for most of the proclamation. It seemed like an intimidating posture to us.

Later it dawned on me that Annapolis is more than the state capitol of Maryland it is also the home of the Naval Academy. I knew that, but the significance didn't register as the helicopter was hovering over us. Who knows if we were the object of their attention or not, but if we were they must have made a determination that we weren't threatening any national interests for they left after a while and we weren't followed up by any police visit.

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