Driving along Flathead Lake was beautiful..





We stayed here before for a week, now we are ready to...

We drove around the lake, it has cherry trees all around it..

A cool truck on the drive to Eureka..

Love the Montana barns and ranches...

Arriving in Eureka, Montana..

Our campground was located behind this motel...

I could have stayed here longer...:-)

Last one, our site with awesome mountain view...

One more...:-)

We had a pretty easy drive today, only about 150 miles to Eureka, Montana. The highlight of our drive was passing the incredible Flathead Lake for miles. We stayed here before and loved it. We drove all the way around the lake and saw all the cherry trees blooming. It is a fabulous place, driving by made us want to go back again and stay another month.

We will be resting in Eureka for a few days before crossing the border into Canada. The border is only 7 miles from our campsite. The campground is awesome, it looks like a green pasture with lots of room and incredible mountains. I loved it so much I could have stayed much longer, but we have reservations in British Columbia and have to move on. :-) We are planning to drive the Crowsnest Highway, also known as Highway 3 across the bottom of British Columbia. Check back later for more. This should be a very exciting trip.

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