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Jon, Andreas and Berndard

The Chase vehicle

Bernhard and Trailer

Balloons in valley

Roland Montgolfie flying in valley














The last supper

The group and Jeff

Jon, Robin and Jeff

We did not fly today. We were lucky to land in a dry place yesterday and pack up the balloon dry and not muddy. We decided that we should keep the balloon in the bag and help our German friends, Andreas and Bernhard, pack up the basket to return back to Frankfurt. This is a seven hour drive so they needed to leave by noon. The pilots did go the final briefing where they met up Roland Montgolfie and Bertrad Pickard. Roland is the great great grandson of the first balloon pilots. What a history of ballooning! Roland, Brian Jones and Bertrad Pickard all int he same pilots meeting! They were thrilled!

After saying our good-byes, the rest of the crew headed over to the launch site for the air show and lunch (where is Andreas when we need him to get pizza in exchange for a pin???) We saw wonderful aero acrobatics and para gliders but no bat winged jumper this year! Disappointing.

The town of L'Etivaz has a Frommagerie (cheese making shop) where you can watch them make cheese. We had dinner at a lovely restaurant in L'Etivaz of fondue (cheese and beef) and merangue with double cream at Hotel Chamois. We found that the owner of the hotel (Jeff) has a sister (Isebelle Mollier) that lives in Denver only 5 blocks from Mike and Bronwyn. They look forward to calling Isebelle and telling her how much we enjoyed her brother and his wonderful food.

Our last night in Le Vanil, Chateau d'Oex is sad but we know we will return.

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