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Our cabin at Port Hood

The beach at Port Hood during a brief break in the rain

The beach at Port Hood during a brief break in the rain

The beach at Port Hood during a brief break in the rain

The rain was on it's way again

Today the rain finally caught up to us. When we left Tracadie Bay it was cloudy but not yet raining. We wisely doned our rain gear which paid off with-in a couple of hours.

We stopped for breakfast just before the Canso causeway taking us to Cape Breton Island. It was already starting to rain lightly but still looked as though it could clear up.

Our first stop was a little side trip to Port Hasksbury for a few supplies. One thing you always hear is that Cape Breton Islanders are very friendly. I know quite a few that have migrated to Alberta and could testify as this being a fact. Well, true to form, when we pulled into the shopping mall parking lot in Port Hawksbury we met a local couple before we got our helmets off.

They were simply delightful people and before long a few other people had dropped by and the conversations just when on and on. The fellow we first spoke with was and retired electrical engineer and project manager at the local plant so we had quite a bit in common to talk about. One of the other fellows who stopped by to kjoin the discussion had some hillarious stories.

It was at least half an hour later when we made it into the store and before we left the store we had an invitation to stay at their place on the way back from Newfoundland. Every so often you come across a special place that just feels good. Cape Bretton is definately one of those places.

Now back to the rain. It had let up while we were in Port Hawksbury but started again with a vengence by the time we left town. We came to a little town called Port Hood and spotted a sign for an inn with cottages. It was only noon but we decided to stop if they had a vacancy.

It turned out this inn has been featured on the Real Canadian Food Show and others several times. They had a vacancy in a beautiful little cottage with a deck, barbeque and complete kitchen. All this and a private beach on the bay!

We checked inn, had lunch then settled in for the afternoon. During a break in the rain we did get down to the beach for a stroll. If the sun had been out this would have been perfect but enen with the clouds and rain it was idylic. Once again we got lucky.

We ended the day barbequing a couple of steaks (in the rain) and had a nice relaxing time in Port Hawskbury.

One interesting fact about Port Hood: this is the home of Al McInnis, one of our all time favorite Calgary Flames back when they won the Stanley cup. (I know, it was a long long time ago)

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