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the plain where the rain in Spain falls softly as we head...

A lot of olive trees as we head south

Long ride nice views

A Moorish Castle and whitewashed village 1

closer view

heading south what a variety of landscapes

grand landscape

notice the train tunnel on the right

We ride the cable car up... our hotel is the pink roof...

Sheri checks her headset and I meet the rocks inhabitants the Barbary...

the rock is filled with more roads than the town has

they used the rocks taken from inside to make the airstrip

looking at Spain to the right Africa to the left & the...

notice the baby under (on left ape)

do we have to go? can you read the reflection of the...

the rocks famous face in the fog.. notice the cave openings on...

gibraltar from the sea.. it's famous face is on the left end...

one of the deactivated guns and the cruise ship The World heading...

the view from the hotel room

Sheri's fovorite tree in the Botanical Garden

each trip in and out of Gibraltar passes over the runway either...

Up early and off to the station. We have got this morning ritual down as we scurry about getting ready, packs on and walking like thru hikers on the Appa.Trail down the city street and onto the subway. We are a bit early so we stand with packs on having our cafe con letche and almond pastry at the counter of this busy train station shop. A lot of older local woman at a table banter with the guy behind the counter and it is nice to be there invisible as we cannot communicate but only observe.

We take our seats knees to knees with two guys. It always takes a bit to figure who will put their leg there and 'sorry' goes back and forth as it settles. Soon we are on our way for a 5 hour trip to Algiceras. Even the name dedotes strange and curious foreign thoughts as we cross the plains of Spain. (no rain here today) Lots of olive plantations for miles and miles. Over the mountains as we head south and the dramatic landscape runs from open and dry, to green and hilly with jagged stony peaks. I spend a bit of time in the area of the train near the doors where (like a dog in the back seat) I can go back and forth from window to window taking pictures. Past deep gorges and rivers finally to the industrial port town where we catch the bus to La Linea on the border with Gibraltar.

There it is but I am to focused on the details of the trip to enjoy the view. Not till we get the connections for Wed to Jerez set will I really start to look up at this sight of the rock of Gibraltar. The town occupies a relatively small slice of the island dominated by this stone, this fortress and this marketing icon. Our hotel is near the tram to the top of the rock so after we look out to the harbor from the our balcony we are gliding up to see to rock, the view, and most importantly the inhabitants, the apes.

It is quickly after you arrive that you are greeted by these ambasadors that have been cared for and breed by the government. They are a sight but soon the warnings from other tourists and the signs that talk about how they will take your stuff and run off so you are always aware of holding on to glasses, bags etc. They do have the run of the place so at any moment you have to watch where you step and if they are racing by. One girl went screaming by as two small apes gave chase behind her but I am still not sure if they were chaseing her or themselves and she got in the way.

The view is spectacular as you look over the top of the rock toward Africa, toward Spain or the Med Sea. We wear a headset that sends us about in different directions with its details on the history and perspective of the surroundings. A small port on the city harbor is where they first landed Admiral Nelson dead and pickled, as he was after the battle of Traflager, in a barrell of Pussers or as we heard some wine. We walk about and take the cable car half way down and walk through the Ape station for pics and then past the large Queens gun battery and into the Alameda Botanical Gardens. We rest by a small waterfall in this two block with a fair amount of plants and animals from around the region.

After we wash up it is off to a bank machine to get Gibralter currancey for the tour to Tangiers and then to dinner at Lord Nelsons at Casements Square. All goes well but the internet place is closed after dinner (9pm) and so we get drinks at a store to have at the hotel. We head back to the hotel staying out of the crews who are scrubing the streets with soap, water, and scrubing machines. Soon we are on the small porch overlooking the horbor watching the sky change into night. This is a day that is slow to leave which is much to my liking cause it was a good one. Sheri come out here and see .......

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