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St.Patick's chair

irish countryside


W.B. Yeats grave

Giant celtic cross

Giant rosary

kisses in Galway

Laura, Crystal, Bianca and me

Bianca loves the statue

guinness mustache

We stopped to see St. Patrick's Chair and well. It's deep in a forest and the chair is a rock structure where it's believed Patrick gave sermons to the local people. His well isn't very far and is said to have healing powers. People still go there and leave offerings of clothing tied to the tree branches nearby to use the well water to heal themselves or loved ones.

We stopped in Sligo for lunch and to see W.B. Yeats grave. He is a famous poet from the area. We made our way to a town called Knock. This is one of the most religious places I have ever seen. An apparition of Mary was seen here in the 1800's making it a very holy place. All the souvenir shops have religious gifts and rosaries everywhere.

We stayed the night in Galway. We headed out to a couple of the pubs. Started off at Murphy's pub which is pretty much a place for the men to drink. Not many women in there. We then walked over to the King's Head Pub where a live band was playing. Once that place closed down we headed over to a nightclub called Cuba. Pretty much just like and club or bar we have back home so nothing exciting.

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