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Grace at her Soccer Game

Grace and Henry at her school "Pet Day"

Connor, Grace and Collin before the "Great Toaster Toss"

Collin, Grace and Connor after the "Great Toaster Toss"

The "Toss"

We went to Henderson (Las Vegas) and visited Carrie and family for a couple of weeks. They are really busy, as always, with school and activities plus they are in the process of selling their house and moving into a new one.

We enjoyed being with the grandchildren and their activities. We went to soccer games and practice, gymnastic practice, pet days at Grace's school, watched Carrie and the kids bowl and Bill took Collin and Connor to a movie. Carrie and Bill met several mornings and jogged (Carrie) and biked (Bill). Greg is in the process of starting a new company and Carrie is getting the new house ready to move into.

We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary while we were there. We had lunch in Henderson and then went to the strip for the evening. Did a little gaming at the Bellagio and enjoyed their wonderful flower gardens. Following Carrie's recommendation we went to the ice cream boutique that has the world's largest chocolate fountain and topped off the evening watching the "beautiful people" and stuffing our faces with fat full deserts.

One night Carrie and Greg took us to their club for dinner and the dining room was so busy that they had to seat us in a private room. It turned out to be just perfect; we had a great time and didn't have to worry about bothering the other guest with our joke telling and cutting up. Bill, Grace, Collin and Connor seem to have the same joke interest and went on and on.

Grace, Connor and Collin spent the weekends with us in the MH. It's always a fun bonding experience because when you have 5 people and Henry sharing a little more than 300 sq. feet coziness develops. Chicken Foot and Skip Bo ruled! Great Times!

The Great Toaster Toss:

We have had the same toaster for about 12 years and many have made fun of it. Jackie would not just throw it away, so Bill thought of a great game. Tossing the toaster, and as you can see in the pictures the kids took on the sport with great enthusiasm. No other toaster has ever gone out with as much flair. After the closing ceremonies we went to the mall and bought a new one. (We didn't know toasters had function settings.)

After two weeks of great hosting from all of the Johnsons, we headed north to Zion National Park and they took off for spring break vacation. Our plan is to be back in Henderson for Thanksgiving.

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