Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

March 8 - Our last day in Victoria Palms! The wind was really strong, and Mike took advantage of a lull to bring in the main awning. There are advisories out for trailers and campers on the highway due to the heavy wind, so we were glad we weren't scheduled to leave today. While the wind is strong, it is from the south and very warm which is very different from wind we get at home.

We did all the last minute things like defrosting the fridge and last loads of laundry, packing up the bikes and chairs, taking post office box keys back, returning library books (and making donations of others), and packing away the extra chairs and taking the leaf out of the table - makes a lot more room!

We had an email from Perry and Jeanne, complete with pictures from the white sand beaches of Mexico. They have made it down to Posa Rico and look like they are having fun. They sent the email from a restaurant with WiFi access! Ain't technology grand?

We have been tossing around ideas for next winter for the last several days, and finally decided that we would return here. Mike is already looking forward to working in the wood shop again! The park allows campers to reserve their site if they wish, so we will have the same address next winter.

Tonight was the night of our 'last' evening with Pat, Ted, Bob and Diane so we went out for supper at Joe's Crab Shack - had a great time. We hope to see both couples over the summer if things work out.

We got back to the motorhome to see a bottle of wine on the doorstep - a 'goodbye until next year' token from Jim and Lucy. What a nice surprise! We walked over to see them (and leave a sampling from our cellar), but they were out. We'll see them in the morning before we leave.

One last stop - Jerrett and Cora's for a party - some of our Newfoundland friends have family visiting and others are leaving, so it was both a meeting and parting type of party with some special friends. We are hoping to see some of them too over the summer. It was a lovely way to finish off our stay here.

Back at the motorhome I updated our log only to find out that I couldn't post it online because we had canceled our cable at the office. So much for the last emails I planned to send!

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