Go West Old Man - Fall 2005 travel blog

Portage WI campground

After many trips between house and trailer, all the nooks and crannies were full and it was time to head out. We waited to leave until the mailman came, who unfortunately did not bring us any mail. So we only traveled about 200 miles today. As retired people we make a point to stay out of the way of the working stiffs, but circumstance found us heading toward the Wisconsin border on expressways packed with vacationers as well as working stiffs on their way home.

We wanted to stop in the vicinity of the Wisconsin Dells, but late on a Friday night on a crowded road, we began to wonder if this was a good idea. I leafed through my campgroud reference bible; selection criteria being cheap and near the road. I found a good prospect and gave them a call, wondering if they were already full. A welcoming voice answered the phone and assured me that no reservation was necessary.

When we arrived at the campground, it was so empty that the people who run it were not even here. A sign on the door told us the price and instructed us to slip the required fee under the door. Happy to find a lush, green campground that would contain only us, we counted out a few bills and complied.

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