Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

What a stressful day this has been! This afternoon I went to U W Medicine’s Kent/Des Moines Clinic to see the doctor. Because I’m hoping to leave Monday morning, she referred me to the U W Medical Center emergency room to see an ophthalmologist. I arrived around 4:30 and was finally checked in at 5:00. Then the fun began. I waited over three hours to see the ER attending physician.

Then there was another wait to see the ophthalmologist, Dr. Jason Dettori, who did a very thorough examination. He said that the scratches are almost healed except for one. He believes that this one was caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus lives in our bodies just waiting for a weakness in our immune system so it can manifest itself, usually in the form of cold sores. He said that the cloudy vision is due to swelling, which is also caused by the virus. He prescribed Acylovir 400 mg tablets to be taken five times per day for ten days and Neomycin/Poly/Dex ointment to be used three times per day until the tube is empty. He said that I should follow up with another ophthalmologist in a week, wherever I happen to be.

Because I was unable to drive safely at night with dilated eyes, I had to call Barb to come to get me. I had to leave Sweet Pea in the parking garage overnight, which means another trip to the medical center tomorrow morning. Parking is free on week ends, thank goodness.

By the time we got back to the RV park, it was after midnight. What would I have done without Barb? Everyone needs a Barb!

I also had to call my college roommate, Kay Ach, to change our plans. She said that she would pick me up tomorrow afternoon for a trip to see some waterfalls east of here.

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