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Marilyn & I were up early on this cool, brisk, 52 degree morning, so that we could have our quiet time and morning coffee together before we left Hannibal.

I carried trash to the dumpster, then stowed the lawn furniture in the basement storage area. I moved Marilyn’s car to make room for the truck to back up to the hitch on the RV. Shut off the water and rolled up the hoses. The last thing after hitching up was to disconnect the electric cord and stow it in its own compartment.

Marilyn worked inside while I made things ready outdoors, and we were ready to leave by 8:30. When we noticed Gretchen’s car at the Gift Shop, we had to stop to exchange hugs with her.

It was nearly 8:45 when we pulled out onto Hwy 79 and turned north to drive through town and to follow I-72 westbound to St Joseph, MO.

It was nearly 2:00 PM when we arrived at Deer Creek Valley RV Park.

It was good to get set up and then to sit outdoors with a cold drink and relax for a bit.

We spoke on the phone with friends, Eddie & Jan, and then drove to a Mexican Restaurant to meet friends, Tom & Bernie.

After a delicious dinner, we followed Tom & Bernie to their lovely home in a beautiful, quiet, neighborhood. We had to get our puppy fix with Maggie May and Marilyn took pictures so our grandkids could see them.

We were home in time to watch a special program on TV, concerning the devastating tornado which hit Topeka exactly 50 years ago today.

It was a sobering reminder that we never know if we have tomorrow. Perhaps it was a reminder to each of us to remember that Life is Good!

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