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Garganta de Diablo - The Devil's Throat

The rainbows keep growing

Devil's Throat

Not a bad place for a lookout

Just some of the 275 waterfalls

The spray picked up

Chillin at the Iguazu falls. Quality.

The Brazilian side of the falls today and what this side lacks in extensive walks it sure makes up for with the best views possible. From the end of the only boardwalk we got to a lookout across the Garganta Diablo and got nice and wet in the process as the spray was quite intense. The view was a lot better to the Devil's Throat here than in Argentina and we could see down into its belly and the sheer force of this incredible waterfall.

As we walked along the rest of the boardwalk strategically placed lookouts gave us awesome views across to all the other falls we had got close to yesterday and we realised just how extensive the Iguazu waterfalls are. We didn't get quite as wet as yesterday although it would have been nice.

The waterfalls were our last big thing as such on this trip and somewhere we had always planned on going. Thankfully they were as spectacular as we could have imagined.

Later on this afternoon we got the bus to the Rodavaria, the main bus terminal and got a long distance bus to Florianopolis, a beach stop for a few days before we hit Rio. When we got on the bus we couldn't believe how hot it was. The on-board thermometer had the temperature down as 52 degrees. The air-con didn't seem to work and it took nearly half an hour for the heat to drop below 45. Not the most comfortable journey we have ever been on.

Day 356 complete

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