Sam, getting ready for the climb to the top...

The bridge high in the sky... :-)

The walk to the top..


Exhausted, but at the top.. :-)

Vickie too... :-)

Sam relaxing at the top..

We were so proud of Sam.. :-)

View from the top..

Our car way down below..

Wowser view from the other side of the bridge..


I love this one of Sam and Vickie..

Time to go back over... :-)

Awesome views from the bridge..

Back down..

Last one!

This morning we had another awesome breakfast at the Inn before heading out for today’s adventures. Vickie and Sam had exciting plans for the day. The first stop was the Highline179. Anyone who has been on the B179 near Reutte recently will certainly have noticed a suspension rope bridge spanning the valley up at a vertigo-inducing height, bringing together the Ehrenberg Ruins and Fort Claudia. The pedestrian suspension bridge is called “highline179″. This is the name given to the lofty crossing of the B179, which is known far beyond the borders of Tyrol.

Since November 2014 courageous visitors can make the most of the opportunity and test their head for heights on highline179. Jerry and I sat in the car and watched while Vickie and Sam climbed the hill straight up to the top and walked across. I tried to capture pictures but the bridge is over 30 stories high. They looked like tiny spots in my pictures. :-)

For all those for whom the mere sight of the bridge is enough, in the mountain pass area Landgasthof Klause is there to provide a place to stop for some refreshments. There is also the museum at the Ehrenberg Ruins and the new nature exhibition– Der Letzte Wilde – to call in on. More information about the history and the significance of the Ehrenberg Ruins, the museum and the nature exhibition can be found at Ehrenberg Ruins. It was another exciting day in Austria, check back later for more of our adventures in Europe.

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