Vickie and Sam getting their tickets..

Taking pictures in China Town..

China Town was beautiful..

Jerry and I toured on our own, we could not keep up...

We loved the Berlin, Germany part of the park..

Cool ride..

More of Berlin..

We enjoyed this ride with Vickie and Sam..

Jerry and I had lunch in Mexico...

Mexico was awesome too..this park is incredible..

Wowser flowers...


Africa was cool too..

More of Africa..

I rode the Black Mamba and loved it..:-)


We loved the African dancers too..

Back in China, we watched the acrobat show..






Last one from our tour, Vickie and Sam's to follow..;-)

Sam in Africa..

Sam rode the Colorado Adventure six times..:-)

View of the awesome hotel in China Town..

We all enjoyed a great 4-D movie together..

Sam enjoying the Flight School ride..


More awesome flowers..

From the Hollywood Tour..

King Kong..

Sam with Alfred Hitchcock..

Sam loved the Mystery Castle..

Sam on the Log Flume..


Last one!

Update by Sam:

We had a wonderful day at Phantasialand. It had cool, but quirky attractions to watch and ride. All through out the day we explored many different, but interesting parts of the park. After a fun ride on the Colorado Adventure we made our way to the land of Mexico. Although there was so many things to see and do we still had a lot to cover.

We made our way to the land of Berlin just in time to catch up to my Grandma and Grandpa.Afterwards, we had watched a 4-D movie in German about pirates. We had split up after the movie and went to check out one of our most exciting things we did. This was called Hotel Tartuff. This was one of our most interesting attractions to explore at the park. It was full of things like rooms upside down and all kind of different zany things. After we went through the hotel we rode a few quiet and less thrilling rides just to even out the day. After our little "break" my mom and I got hungry. We went to this interesting restaurant called "Tacadas". After our nice, but big meal we went to ride this strange ride that featured many weird characters inside. After a while we went to this attraction called Mystery Castle. Not anyone would go through because of the creepy atmosphere. My mom and I had went through all of the queue she had asked to politely exit because this was a 65 foot drop fast down a castle. After my exhilarating experience we said our last goodbyes to the park by riding the Colorado Adventure for the last time. That's where we were wrong. Grandma and Grandpa went back to the car while we had one more hour. I went on the Colorado Adventure three more times. I wanted to go on this ride called Chiapas and this ride by the way was a very long wait. After I rode it I couldn't let my Mom miss out. The line had gone down by now and it was a very short line. My mom had been anxious because of watching the people fly down this high 53 degree drop. We had both loved the ride and the day at the park. We were tired, but we had a good day at this wonderful place...

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