Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Remains of houses and avenue

Front wall of the church

Close up of carvings

Looking out onto the orchard

Remains of the kitchen. Notice the chimney mark behind

West wall of church

The jungle takes over

We braved the heat this morning and visited some exquisite ruins of the Jesuit order in the town of San Ignacio. San Ignacio was one of many reduccions (we think it translates as small, self contained town) in the north east of Argentina and in nearby Paraguay and Brazil and is the best preserved of all of these, although only the walls and foundations remain. The surrounding jungle and the apparent lack of reconstruction made the remains even more authentic and worthwile.

The centrepiece of the reduccion was the church. Although only the walls remain we could envisage how grand it once was. On the entrance wall and above arches and doorways throughout the church were bas reliefs and carvings. Some of the floors still retain original tiles laid 300 years ago.

The vegetation has taken over much of the site but we visited numerous house complexes, a jail, chapel, kitchen and priests quarters before being beaten by the heat which sapped our energy rendering visits to other Jesuit sites nearby a no-go. Instead we caught an earlier than planned bus to Puerto Iguazu to avoid the heat of the day which is oppressive to say the least.

Day 344 complete

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