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Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment - Coast Guard Station

Cape Disappointment - Dead Man's Cove

Cape Disappointment - Columbia River (View from Lighthouse Trail)

Our second destination this morning was to the Cape Disappointment State Park to see the lighthouse there. It was much more difficult to reach than the North Head Lighthouse. I walked the steep and rugged 1.2-mile trail and was suffering great pain in my back and leg before I arrived at the lighthouse. Unfortunately, there are no benches along the way.

As I was nearing the top, a car with three members of the U S Coast Guard came down the road. I stopped them as asked them if they would take me back to the parking lot. Happily for me, they agreed to do so. Barb wisely elected not to walk that trail! When I was dropped off in the parking lot, she was sitting on my tow bar (which was the only place she could find to sit).

From the trail to the lighthouse there are wonderful views of the Columbia River. Also, there is a lookout point above Dead Man's Cove, which has a white sandy beach. At least I had sense enough not to try that trail!

Cape Disappointment is a bold promontory of ancient basalt which rises from the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia River flows around its base. At the foot of the lighthouse are remains of Fort Canby, which was constructed by the U. S. Army. Troops manned the fort from the mid-19th century until the end of World War II. They used high-powered weaponry to defend the entrance to the Columbia River.

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