St. Goar Sign

Cafe St. Goar

Cafe View

Sam's St. Goar Burger


Sam on Rhine





Castle View

Cuckoo Clock

Cobblestone Streets

Rhinefeld's Castle View

Ivy Walls

Lovely Restaurant Flowers

St. Goar is a lovely town is just a short train ride away from Spay, Germany. Sam and I decided to venture out on our own for some dinner and window shopping. This was our first try at navigating the train schedules and ticket purchases. We were so excited to hear the announcement of St. Goar and to step out of the train station into town.

It is a town of cobblestone streets filled with houses and shops with beautiful window boxes dressed with flowers. The main street is a pedestrian area lined with small cafes and views of castles along the Rhine River. We sat outside under the umbrella at the St.Goar Cafe. Sam ordered a "St. Goar burger" and I had a cheese pizza. The portions were humongous as you will see in the pictures. We ate what we could and strolled around the town snapping shots and taking in the scenery.

It wasn't long before Sam spotted a dessert opportunity at the local Gelateria. He had a triple scoop of Mango gelato and I had some fabulous cherry gelato in a cone. It really topped off our night. Soon we decided to make our way back to the train station for home. We felt so proud as we found ourselves back in Spay and walked back to join Mom and Dad at the apartment. Success!

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