Parry Sound KOA

notice the speed sign in kph, we say put it in 1st...

nice entrance to greet you

an Inukshuk, pronounced Ee-nook-shook

very nice

our site #19

KOA is known for their guest Kabins

nice pool

we liked their exit sign

we practice this anyway, don't move important devestating pests to another area!

Bambi likes the area, too!

Wow, that's some "toad-stool".

Rebecca found a flower bed to get the weeds out.

Calebaetis in our native Nevada are 1/3 this size, trout love them,...

trout food

The drive today was only 150 miles, took about 3 1/2 hours. The scenery changed and then changed again while we crossed over the Niagara Escarpment traveling in a northward direction. We're here for one day of touring as it had been heavily suggested by our hosts in Mt Forest to experience the Parry Sound first hand abosrd the Island Queen Cruise ship.

We arrived at the Parry Sound KOA and were met by friendly personnel who were very helpful. We got settled into our site 19 quickly and relaxed from the drive. A few walks around the park trails finished out the afternoon. This little park was soon nearly full as a constant caravan of RV's passed by our coach.

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