our RV park for the week

We were here 4 years ago

the facilities are fantastic!

it's a private park, one needs a pass to get in.

this time of the year the decorations are

first class

our spot, could've had better but wanted a spot by ourselves.

nice decorations through out the park

as an animal preserve too...

We like mini golf

At Yakov theatre

Jerry and Karen laugh their Yakov!

Yakov is a fine artist, too....

After the show he signs autographs....

tickets we bought for shows

At the Andy Williams theatre we watched

the Lennon Sisters perform

it was a terrific show and included ...

the grand children . . .

We remember the Lennon Sisters from the 60's

Rebecca gets some signatures on items we bought

nice Holiday decor

Sight & Sound production theatre

where out from they have the Lamb and Lion statue.

Inside were singers roaming the floor

It’s only 54 miles from the Strafford RV Park to Treasure Lake Resort at Branson, so we didn’t leave too early. We usually leave about 9 a.m. for a usual day driving. This Resort is one of our favorites, cuz the facilities are so outstanding, the people so friendly and it’s inexpensive for us to stay. We were here four years ago, also about this same time of year. This park has some great walking paths.

Our stay will be one week. Our readers will remember our visit to Wisconsin in early Sept with a long lost cousin of Rebecca’s, well they are meeting us here for a few days. Dave needed a little help to repair a broken support on our main patio awning, so enlisted the help of Jerry. The awning got fixed in a jiffy. We pal’d around to see some shows and some sights. The four of us took in three shows. First, was the Yakov Shmirnoff whose production we have seen before and always terrific, we especially delight in his patriotic zest. Second, we saw the Lennon Sisters. They perform at the Andy Williams’ Moon River theatre, we remember them from their show on TV in the 60’s. Our third show was a huge production of Joseph and his coat of many colors by the Sight & Sound theatre.

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