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I awoke from a mostly sleepless night, with a stiff neck. I suspect it was from the bed and the pillow.

The coffee and the tasty breakfast helped some but I really wasn’t feeling great and could hardly turn my head in either direction.

Marilyn & I said our goodbye’s and exchanged hugs with our friends, and then started home at 10:00 AM.

It was a beautiful morning with clear skies and bright sunshine, which made it a perfect day to travel home.

Because of the construction zones and the two lane highways, we changed our route home, sticking to the four lane divided highways with mostly 75 mph speed limits, and made it home in 3 and a half hours. That was even with the additional 14 miles we traveled.

We had just walked in the door to our RV when my cell phone rang.

It was Sharon asking if we had left anything behind at their place.

I suspected she already knew the answer to that question and when she explained that Don had discovered clothing on hangers in the closet. Sure enough, those were ours. Don & Sharon promised to bring them along when they visit the Valley late this month.

The pain and stiffness in my neck increased all evening and Marilyn made a run to the store for meds, bringing home pain medication and Ben Gay.

I hoped to sleep well because we had plans for a trip over to Mexico with friends on Saturday.

With that thought in mind, I had high hopes for tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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