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If we did not turn on the TV or read the news, we almost would not know that the world is in crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been living a semi-quarantined, socially distant life much of the winter, I guess. We go to the grocery store every 4 - 5 days list in hand and find most of the items on that list. The atmosphere in the store is busy, but not manic. After talking to friends at home, it is clear to us that we are better off here than there. Here we can stay outside in the fresh air for hours, ride our bikes for exercise, chat with our fellow campers without getting too close. So we have cancelled recently made plans, re-ordered our mail to be forwarded to the campground once again, and will stay put for another month. We hear that some county and all state parks in Florida have been closed, but we own the land we are sitting on and guess that we can stay on it as long as we would like. We were able to reschedule our motor home service call in South Carolina and once that's done, we will make our way home in weather that's unlikely to be treacherous. That's the plan as of today.

Restaurants in Florida are still open as long as seating is 50% of normal capacity. So we traveled back to Port Canaveral for a seafood meal to show our financial support for restaurants that have no customers from the ships to serve. There we saw six ships tied up at the pier huddled closed together. Seven ships call Port Canaveral home, so they are taking turns tying up to provision and get fresh water and bobbing around out at sea. From what we read the cruise companies are handling this in different ways. Some have sent their crews home, a dangerous move in my opinion since when the time comes to resume normal life, they might need to be tested and verified as safe. Others have allowed their sequestered crews to move into passenger cabins where they can be more comfortable and eat cruise food and watch movies in the ship theater. It's nice to think of them having the fun we planned to be having. The cruise companies are bleeding money no matter what they do, although some have offered themselves up as surplus housing for sick people. This is not necessarily a move out of the goodness of their hearts. They've done this after some weather disasters and charged us taxpayers a pretty penny for this service.

SpaceX is still firing rockets. We saw the latest launch from outside our front door. It's reassuring to see some aspects of normal life that are still normal.

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