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Breakfast: all of the cereal is in large tubes and you turn a handle, much like that on a safe and it falls into your bowl. There was no granola to stir into my yogurt. So I said “no granolas?” And the young man behind the station opens a cupboard and pulls out what must have been left in the tube and hands it to me. It was the equivalent of 8 mornings of granola. I filled three plastic water glasses with the excess. Then as I ate people came by and said where did you get all the granola and I explained and gave them a glass. The granola tube had been filled with a frosted flakes that by all reports had the consistency of flavored wax. Over 200 children under the age of six boarded in Dubai which may have inspired the switch.

We went ashore as far as the ship terminal to look in the shops. D spent twenty minutes with a young man who was going to sell him a t- shirt. Some he could not get his head through the neck, one hung to his knees, the last was my favorite a gold dancing camel on a pea green background that had one sleeve longer than the other. We moved on. Finally he bought a hat and I found a children’s book about the buildings in Dubai coming alive at night.

Last night was formal night! There is very little enthusiasm left for this anymore. One table had on Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. I own no little black dress and not for lack of trying. So pants and top with a few gems glued on must suffice. D wears black dress pants, V neck t-shirt and a vest. Others now have adopted this Miami vice throw back look. They are trying to sell pictures but they don’t print them anymore. You tap your room key and look them up on the computer and order the ones you want printed. The machines work about half the time. We certainly haven’t seen any of ours worth $24.99.

Today we arrive in Muscat, Oman. Ramadan has started. Women must be dressed very conservatively. Covered to the wrist and ankle. I have full legged linen pants and a man’s white cotton shirt with a tank top underneath. A head scarf for the Grand Mosque. We must wear closed toed shoes with socks so our feet are covered when we take our shoes off. The temperature will be in the high 90’s. I can not imagine the heat in the souq.

The library on board has only a half dozen current books. The rest are a new set of old classics like Pride and Prejudice. The bulk are in Chinese. I saved a half dozen Readers Digest for the trip and as I I was finished reading them I put them in the library. It pleases me to see passengers with one of them in their hand.

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