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July 3 Tuesday

Had #8 luggage tags which got us off the ship about 730am. Got through immigration. Played the great luggage hunt game, found a kid with a a baggage rollee, hailed a cab, and we were off to the airport. The cab was 80 euros and a 35 minute ride. Think we got ripped off but too late now. The $64 fee from ship looks like a good deal NOW!

15 minutes waiting for a check in machine, 20 minutes waiting to check our bags, 32 minutes to go through security ,where all four of our carry-ons needed to be gone through by hand. Dick had the purple glove treatment everywhere including down the back of his pants. I had the purple glove test under my bra front elastic. Like theres room for anything to be hidden there. We lost our hairspray, had our Royal Caribbean metal water bottles searched, and accused of having an electronic device in my purse. Which I did, the camera was not laid out in the pan. Are we done, no, immigration one more time. I now have 6 stamps from Amsterdam.

At this point we wondered if the Rowe’s even made their flight which was at 11am. Their plan was to carry off their own luggage at 6am and get a cab. We sat for a minute had a coca light and a bag of crisps. Next we entered the hall for gates D1 to 57, where you guessed it they checked our boarding passes and passports one last time. Our gate is #42 I walked, D took the moving sidewalk. It is now 1145am we board at 1:00 and arrive @ 7:20pm, with a five hour time change.

I will wrap this up with one last entry tomorrow from my own home on fast internet with ice in my drink.

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