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Finally made it into our second state, Idaho! The border between states...

Water flowing over the Brownlee Dam

Looking back down into the valley we just came from, that clump...

The Snake River in Idaho

Pass number 8! I was trying to emphasize how tough it was!...

Oh here it is! White Bird Pass

A sign you don't often see, someone giving you permission to use...

Made it into the little town of Cambridge, population 328! Awesome Burger...

One bite and I suggested they change the name from the Awesome...

The birds in Idaho are on top of it!! 3:50 AM, the birds started chirping! What is there to chirp about at 4:00 in the morning?? I guess the dog tried to chirp along with the birds! That was a pretty early wake up call, but I think I drifted back to sleep for a short time. I guess if any of you are fishermen, then you probably understand they are up with the birds as well! Our campground for the evening was full of fishermen so the day burst into action as everyone crawled out of the tents, lit their fires, some sat around with coffee, some loaded up for a final time on the river, but they all got down to the business of enjoying their last morning of camping!

We knew that every single one of those campers was leaving today and probably every other person who has been out camping was going to be on the road today, time to go home! We managed to rouse ourselves and get the earliest start yet! We had to pack a damp tent, downed our muffins and bananas and hit the road.

In the kindest way and with the best intentions, people love to share their knowledge of the road ahead. Hard to apply their info, if they have never been on a bike are they even close to the difficulty level if you are riding it on a bike? Sometimes too much detail if offered and we either get it all confused or forget it all together! Angela had me absolutely freaked out with her rendition of narrow lanes, no shoulder, nothing but the only option of rolling off the road into nothing! And we knew there would be a mass exodus of cars, we got the jump on it all!

Hate to be repetitive .. . But it was straight up out of the park! We had to get up to the level of the Brownlee Dam, just like we had to get up and over the Oxbow Dam yesterday when we turned off the main road. This morning we had fresh legs, a cool breeze and a good attitude! It was absolutely magnificent riding along the mighty Snake River! Every nook and bend in the road we found little Memorial Day Camping settlements along the waters edge. Apparently not only does the Idaho Power provide these amazing campgrounds, but they also allow camping anywhere along the waterway even providing port-a-pottys! There were lots of rv's down very sketchy roads that i would never be brave enough to tackle!! I couldn't help but wonder were they down there during that horrible rain storm?? The cozy quiet hide-outs did look like a great place to stay tho!! Besides the roadside campers we had the road to ourselves for the most part and the hint about the no shoulders and straight down edges was spot on! But without the traffic, we were good!

Pass number 8 was ahead of us. We knew we had to get over it, but how far we got after that or where we found a place for the night just depended on how the traffic built up as the day went on. We passed another campground provided by the Idaho Power Company and it was even more beautiful than the one we spent the night in last night and it was about 6 times bigger! Full of 6 times more Campers!

The White Bird Pass was a stinker in places, but there were flat places where we got even the tinest rest. Oddly enough this pass looked level, it looked as if we were just riding down any street but at some points it was steep enough or the grade was such that it felt like I was riding thru wet mud, holding me back. In contrast to the nameless pass we crossed yesterday, you didn't want to look ahead because you could see the rise in the road up ahead and it just kept rising around every curve! That is when I just put my head down, think about whatever, find my groove and just keep pedaling! It took us 3 1/2 hrs today to cross White Bird Pass 5,131 ft, that's why I tried to be creative with my silly photo lying on the ground at the top! Well we thought it was the top and maybe Idaho didn't do summit signs! We actually found the real summit sign just down the road but I wasn't about to get on the ground again! I might just add the traffic that did pass us was very thoughtful and gave us plenty of room! We were so grateful for it!

The rest of the story is all downhill as they say! Downhill to Cambridge Idaho, population 368 or something like that! That is where today's entry comes to an abrupt halt because we called it a day! As soon as we hit our next turn, Highway 95 there we found the steady stream of RV's Campers and Trucks we had been dreading, and common sense told us we did not want to go out there! That would be madness! Ran into Kelly and Bri from yesterday! HaHa, no ice cream today but it is so cool to run into someone you have met along the way! We treated ourselves to the Awesome Burger at the Awesome Burger food truck. One delicious bite and i suggested to them they change the name to the OMG Burger!! Delicious!!!!

Just noticing it is getting light so early and stays light so late! I remember this from out first trip! Funny, 10 pm and it only just got dark!

Hopefully things will get back to normal for awhile now that the Memorial Day Weekend has passed us. Good night!

Today we honored those that have served and protected our country and we had a little memorial for our dear Friend Charlie. Neither will be forgotten.

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