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Welcome dinner

Grilled oysters

Egret & wood ducks? (not sure)

Sorry for not posting sooner - I had computer problems last night and this morning. We have a lot of burrs in the sparse grass around our rig. Bill was tired of Mo getting stuck with them whenever we take him out, so Thursday he went to Lowe's and bought a long torch to burn them. He regularly burns the weeds and tree suckers at home (and once caught a part of our fence on fire), and I wasn't too keen on him playing with fire around the rig. But he did it safely: He pulled over a fire ring and just burned that section - then moved on to the next. He ran out of time, and we've had drizzle all day Friday and this morning, so he will resume the chore after the ground dries. Thursday night we went to the Welcome Winter Texans dinner put on by the campground. The manager's husband is a chef, and we had outstanding prime rib, along with roasted potatoes, asparagus, garlic bread, salad, and numerous desserts. There were more than 70 folks there, so I can't imagine how much all that it cost. The only free food we've ever had in any campground before was burgers. It's nice to be appreciated, and I think everyone expressed their gratitude. I had a great day Friday (except for my Mac giving me fits for a while). We went to the James Avery jewelry store and I bought an ankle bracelet and several charms. Bill grudgingly offered to go with me as payback for all the trips I've gone with him to the hardware store. Afterwards, I went to one of my other favorite stores and bought a baby sun catcher with brightly colored octagonal stones that I've eyed for a couple of years. Finally, we topped off the day by going to one of my favorite seafood places, and where I ate a dozen of their special grilled oysters au gratin. To die for! The drizzle finally ended late this morning. We met Randy and Karen after lunch to play golf (the card game). It's mid-afternoon now, the sun is out, and it's close to 70 degrees. Time to take Mo for another walk.

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