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Snoqualmie pass yesterday, there is a tiny bit of snow up high

Idaho is kinda boring...brown and dry today

Well the Kramer's slept much better last night. God has provided a new set of patience for the day. We were underway around 0900, and planning a fuel stop at the pilot truck stop up the road. The diesel fuel in Oregon is 40 cents a gallon cheaper than in Washington, and we need 80 gallons. So we are lucky and there is an open lane at the truck stop, so we nab it. Spike puts in his credit card and it says to see the cashier inside. It seems that the computer system that runs the pumps went off line. It could be a 5 minute wait or an hour wait, there was no way to predict. So after waiting over 30 minutes we gave up, and back tracked a few miles to find a small truck stop that had diesel. So after messing around to get fuel that set us back an hour on our schedule.

The weather was pretty nice today. It was 46 degrees in Kennewick this morning and got a bit warmer through out the day, topping out at 52. Clear and sunny while traveling through the mountains. Lots of ups and downs through the Blue mountains up to about 4000 feet. The RV ran like a champ, taking the long pulls in stride.

It was a strange day on the road though. Everyone seemed to want their lane and 1/2 of ours too. All the big trucks were riding the line. Its funny how you see the same trucks all day long on the interstate. Everyone has to stop for a rest or fuel, so you'll see them again and again. There was One guy today that we just couldn't seem to shake, we were constantly passing each other but he was driving very erratically. He kept wandering out of his lane and then over correcting. At first we thought he was on his phone, then we wondered if his steering was screwed up, or was he falling asleep? We finally concluded he was impaired with drugs or alcohol. So Spikey put the pedal to the metal, and we just got away from him.

We made it to Mountain home RV park about an hour later than planned, (17:30) after the hour delay with the fuel this morning. Plus we have gone over to the mountain time zone and gained 1 hour. I got to call dish network to change to the local channels but today it was relatively painless, only on the line for about 15 minutes. A new record!

It will go down to freezing here tonight, so Spike covered up all the plants in the truck with a blanket.

Tomorrow we are on the road to Ely, Nevada. See if you can guess what odd things the Kramer's may be carrying in their truck or RV? I'll tell you the answers tomorrow!

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