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Yan, with her husband and cute little boy.

And with her Mum and Dad. Mum is Liao's sister.

And then with Winnie, Liao, baby Iona and Winnie's Mum.

Yan and I with her toddler son.

And with her husband.

Iona loves her food. The best method I have seen for eating...

Understandably, the day started rather gradually, after my late night last night. But I did manage to get myself organized and ready to meet Winnie and the family for a lunch date near the sports stadium.

Winnie sent me a message in Chinese, to show to the taxi driver. Like always, I translated it, as I like to know where I am going too.

When I set off, I went firstly to the local photo shop to get one of my kangaroo photos laminated for Iona. That did not take long, and it was almost easy to make my meaning understood. I can see I am slotting back into my lifestyle here, and managing most issues easily.

It took quite a while to get a taxi, but eventually one came along, and I was on my way. The place we ended up going to was in Kangle Beilu, and was called the Harbour Hotel. The taxi driver dropped me off, and I took a little while to find my destination, but after calling Winnie, I found my way.

It is one thing to have the name in Chinese, and a translation into English, but without the Pinyin written, I am at a loss. Pinyin is the use of letters, as an addition to the Chinese characters.

Winnie and Lioa had reserved a room, and when I entered it, I found more people there, who I thought I did not know. But Winnie told me I had met the young woman many years ago. It was not until she told me that it was Liao's sisters' daughter that I recognized her. I met Yan probably 11 or 12 years ago, when she was between high school and college. Now she is a married woman with a husband who speaks passable English, and a cute little boy. He is just over two years old.

Lunch went well, with a lot of memories being shared. When Yan was helping Winnie out, in her little English language training centre, she took me and some friends to visit her parents' home. I remember taking a bus way out of town, to the east, and we walked around the vicinity of their home. If I remember clearly, it took about an hour, or a little more to get there.

Little Iona loves her food. She just does not stop eating, and she appears to enjoy anything that she has access to! I had taken some grapes with me, for them to enjoy, and I was amused to watch her with the whole bunch of grapes in her hand, and just munching them straight from the bunch. She is a little character!

As we left, I was going to get a bus home, but Liao had booked a car, and he insisted on taking me back to the college and their way home, so that made life very easy!

When I got back, I decided that more sleep was the order of the day. I slept a lot of the afternoon away.

Eventually, after waking up, I realized that I needed food at some stage, and I walked over the road to a little fried chicken shop, where I had fun getting queries answered and placing an order. But I came away with some chips, and two chicken wraps. The wraps had chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise in them. But, even though I did eat them, the wraps were just a little spicy for me to enjoy fully.

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