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The big dam

Makes a lot of power

The Pacific Ocean

Looking back the way we came

The Pacific Ocean

Tunnel Beach near Dunedin


I stood on the tip (no one to take the photo.. sob...

The reason it's called Tunnel Beach

The Tunnel - Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrg - I'm so scared....

The face?

Pretty nice

Humans are perfect for scale

The Pacifc


A look south

Worlds Steepest Street

See, San Francisco - GO HOME!

Don't want to climb this street every single day, some cars even...

Palm Tree, who said anything about snow storms in Denmark?

Quite a view

I made it! Hurraaa

Hi again, this entry is about the scenic trip from Queenstown to Dunedin.

We left early in the morning and headed east. First stop was a huge hydro-electrical dam, it's the single most expensive structure in New Zealand, and if there's a big earthquake it's designed to actually move with the earthquake (how that's going to happen beats me).

Anyway, it's big.

Next post is about Speights Brewery! (Cool place!)


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