2016 Summer Retreat - Evading the heat? travel blog

Today's route

Rainy Monday on Lake Chocorua

Boathouse on the lake

Canoe and a dock in the rain

Waiting at the North Conway railroad station

Inside the passenger car, a refurbished 1949 car

It's been a dry spring and summer in New Hampshire mountains

Engine switching ends at the turnaround.

Back in North Conway

Not sure what these were, anybody know?

Sunset on Lake Chocorua - too late for the colors

NH 16 before it became a toll road

'56(?) Packard

Winnie and Sue at Normandy Farms

Genoa salami and provolone snack with a beer

Ringo taking a peak out at the campground

One day of rain and and one day of sunshine were our last two in New Hampshire. We didn't do much on Monday because of the rain except for a trip to Camping World (I've been to both stores in NH now) and the grocery store, but on Tuesday, we drove to North Conway to ride the Conway Scenic Railroad. We arrived too late for the train at 2:30 so we had to wait until 4:30. Fortunately we brought our laundry with us and were able to pass the 2 hours washing and drying in a local laundromat. It only cost $2.50 to wash the clothes and $1.00 to dry them. Much better deal than at the KOA because the washers were larger and only required on load each for darks and lights. We finished up just in time to catch the train. We took the Valley route which was about an hour long round trip. It was the wrong choice as there was not much scenery to enjoy because most of the ride was through trees on both sides of the track. I guess we should have waited for the 6:00 dinner ride in the other direction. Oh well, the weather was nice and the rocking train just about put me to sleep.

On the way back to the KOA, it looked like it was going to be a nice sunset so we stopped by Chocorua Lake to see if there was some color above the mountains. We got there about 20 minutes late to catch light on what few clouds were in the sky. Timing is everything with photography.

We left New Hampshire today and drove south to Massachusetts. We followed NH 16 without realizing it turns into a toll road just before you get to Dover, NH. I always try to avoid toll roads because I never know how much I'm going to be charged for Winnie and the toad. The second toll booth we went through, the message flashed that I need to call EZ-Pass. Normally my account replenishes itself from a credit card. NH gives you 7 days to go on-line to pay tolls. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'll have to check my account on-line.

We stopped in Foxboro, MA at Normandy Farms Campground because our reservation on the Cape doesn't start until tomorrow and they had no openings for tonight. It's a really nice place. I stayed here a few years ago on one of my winter work trips north. It was in February and the night I got here It snowed about 14 inches and I had to go out to the local Home Depot to get a snow shovel and some rock salt. I don't expect that to happen tonight. We'll leave in the morning and be spending about a week on the Cape visiting with friends. Stay tuned.

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