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Napa, CA - Skyline Wilderness Park - overflow

Napa, CA - Skyline Wilderness Park - overflow, another view

Napa, CA - Skyline Wilderness Park - overflow, and another

Madera to Napa, CA - our route - 175 miles

Madera to Napa, CA 1 - a draw bridge we encountered as...

Madera to Napa, CA 2 - another wind farm, this one on...

Madera to Napa, CA 3

Madera to Napa, CA 4 - hay cut and ready to bale

Madera to Napa, CA 5 - cattle on one side of the...

Madera to Napa, CA 6 - sheep on the other

Madera to Napa, CA 7 - getting on I-80 from CA-12, just...

Madera to Napa, CA 8 - back on CA 12 headed for...

Madera to Napa, CA 9 - and the vineyards

Our trip from Madera to Napa, CA was an exhausting 175 miles over some very crowded, terrible roads in the rain. This included about three miles for us to exit the 99 to go to a Flying J which had all of its diesel pumps (truck and RV lanes) shut down for some reason. We did manage to find a Flying J a few miles farther up the road at which we gave the Mothership a big gulp to the tune of 2.62/gallon. With all the taxes collected on fuel in CA there is absolutely no excuse for the condition of the roads in this poorly managed state!!

We are staying at the Skyline Wilderness Park which is a city park on the outskirts of Napa. We are staying in the overflow area as they had no room in the regular RV park portion of the park. The overflow is in a grassy field where you just find a power connection and park in just about any orientation you wish. You get 50 amps and water so the only thing different from the regular RV park is a sewer connection. In return for the absence of a sewer connection you get a much, much larger site. We also have a very strong Verizon signal and a clear shot to the satellite.

We had planned on making a tour around the Napa valley today but the weather wouldn't cooperate, raining a good bit of the day and even when it wasn't raining, the clouds were so low they prohibited viewing any scenery. We didn't really want to participate in any wine tasting as most have started charging significantly for the honor and they are usually much prouder of their wares than I am willing to pay. Call me cheap but I am very happy with my Barefoot and Yellow Tail! So, we just stayed in and enjoyed the down time. Oh, our high today was 59° and we have been running the heater all day. It looks like we are finally getting to the cooler temps we made the trip for!!

We head for Ukiah, CA tomorrow for one night. We will make sure we have everything that can be hard to find on the Oregon coast as Ukiah contains the last Wal-Mart we will see for over three months.

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