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The advantages of boondocking...peace, tranquility and beauty

Someone had asked me, how we camp without electricity. We have a few ways around that. If it is only overnight, it is no big deal. Our lights, refrigerator and water pump can run off electric or battery, and the water heater and stove runoff propane. The heat for the trailer also runs off propane, and we have a small portable heater that takes the small propane bottles if we need it.

We have a generator stored in a locked compartment at the rear of the camper. We had two tied together, but only have needed two generators to run air conditioners when travelling in the south, and won’t be needed AC in Alaska, so we left one at my parents’ house in Scio.

If we are camped somewhere for a while with no electric, we will run the generator once or twice a day to recharge the batteries, charge cell phones, ipad and laptop and to make Mike a cup of coffee in his Keurig.

We can probably go a week without having to refill the water if we conserve. Shorter showers, more paper plates, etc. But if there is potable water available, Mike has created this system for getting water into the holding tank. He uses a couple of seven gallon water jugs and fills them. This he can do with a hose, and ride them on the back of the truck so he does not have to carry them. He has a small pump that fits the top of the water jugs, so he can pump the water from the jug into the camper, without having to lift them and spill them all over. It works quite well.

We also have a portable blue tank that if needed, we can use to flush the black water tank into. We can then take that portable one to a dump station without having to move the whole trailer.

Laundry we do once a week or so when we get to a town, or a campground with laundry facilities. We could have put a washer and dryer in the trailer, but we just thought it was a waste of space and water for now. Maybe someday we will change that, but not now.

We also have changed our outside kitchen. The outside kitchen had a refrigerator and a microwave. We removed them both. The microwave was only used to store stuff anyways, and the fridge only ran on electric. If we wanted to boondock for a while we could not use that fridge. We also wanted to be able to stop for lunch if driving, and be able to get fixings out without having to open the slide outs, to get to the fridge inside. So Mike added some 12 volt wiring, and we got a new fridge that runs on propane or electric. The microwave and one cabinet have been moved so now he also has a smoker in the outside kitchen. We do not use that when we have no power, but it sure does make a nice pork shoulder!

When we are not running around sightseeing, we fill the days with reading, napping, going for walks, and I have plenty of other stuff to keep me out of trouble such as sewing, wood carving, basketry, weaving, and working on these blogs. I am still figuring out the blog thing, but found I can write them up on word, then copy them over when I have enough signal or wifi to do that. For other entertainment we watch movies. We have a lot of them. We can run the generator to watch using the blu-ray player, but we can watch a dvd without the generator since the DVD player and television can both run on battery power, thanks to Mikes skill at installing an inverter for us.

So we are surviving, and enjoying life. Don’t you wish you were? 

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