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The Hotel in Cochem is a welcome site.

Our room is under the Am Hafen with the curtain open.

We get many different kinds of ships passing by our balcony.

The Reichsburg Castle is across the river from our hotel.

Behind our hotel is the church.

Cochem is known for its wine.

We wait for the castle the next morning.

Time to head out for Cochem Castle.

A short bus ride and we walk to the front gate.

Just what we thought it would look like.

Pretty cool approach.

They used these to defend themselves.

They kept the tour near windows a lot because castles tend to...

This one is for Jerry. The owner of the castle killed it.

They claimed it was 400 lbs.

They have stuffed critters everywhere.

They had lots of armor just sitting around.

It's warmer in the interior of the castle.

The view outside is getting better.

It's a long way back to the hotel on a cool windy...

Views from all directions.

No wonder they picked this spot.

They used these to keep a look out, an fire weapons.

We say goodbye to the castle cat.

Check the wind, and grab tell bus.

One more look.

Over the bridge to the hotel.

Checking out the Snooker World Championships

Today we travel to Cochem, Germany. Our destination is the AM Hafen Hotel & Restaurant. This is our only 4 day stay at a hotel and we are not sure what to expect. We were very happy with the comfort and view. The hotel could not have been nicer. The staff is friendly the dining room looks nice.

The view from our room is what we had hoped for. The river, in front, with all kind of boats and barges sliding past our balcony seats. On the other side of the river the city of Cochem. A bridge only steps from our hotel connect us. At the south end of town, on a small hill, sits the Reichsburg Castle.

In this update we will travel to the castle and explore the interior.

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