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We switched campgrounds to one much closer to Charleston and the family gathering that brought us here. On Sunday we will attend a party celebrating the marriage of our niece. We've left the solitude of camping on the inland waterway in the national forest for $10/night to a campground near downtown that charges more than four times that. However, after a week away from internet and full utilities, the services are much appreciated.

Campground personnel were a bit harried; they said that sixty rigs were checking in today. We saw a caravan group arrive. They caught our attention, because we will be joining such a group to travel the Canadian maritime provinces this summer. A huge flower festival is nearby. Cajun Fest is happening on Sunday. On Saturday 38,000 runners plus their friends and family will gather to run over the Copper River Bridge. It's a happenin' place.

We've heard a lot about a huge live oak tree that is reputed to be 1,500 years old and went to see it for ourselves. It's named the Angel Tree after the family that used to own the property it occupies. Here are its vital statistics:

Height: 65 Feet Circumference: 25.5 Feet Area of Shade: 17,000 sq. Feet

Largest Limb: Circumference: 11.25 Feet Length: 89 Feet

We've seen a lot of enormous trees in Georgia and South Carolina, but this was the biggest yet and hard to capture with a camera. A few of the limbs have been propped up and a guard circulated to make sure no over active children started swinging from its branches.

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