2015 Montana, Calgary Stampede, Icefield Parkway travel blog

Glacier NP 0 - our route - 82 miles

Glacier NP 1 - the trip up was the scenic route alongside...

Glacier NP 2 - but it turned to gravel quickly

Glacier NP 3 - the North Fork of the Flathead River beside...

Glacier NP 4

Glacier NP 5 - we had to stop for this gal to...

Glacier NP 6 - the Rockies inside Glacier NP in the distance

Glacier NP 7 - entering the park

Glacier NP 8 - just below Sacred Dancing Cascade on McDonald Creek

Glacier NP 9

Glacier NP 10 - after the falls

Glacier NP 11 - Avalanche Creek beside the Trail of the Cedars

Glacier NP 12 - one of the small falls through a crevise

Glacier NP 13 - about half of the trail was this very...

Glacier NP 14 - a huge cedar reaching for the sky

Glacier NP 15

Glacier NP 16 - Avalanche Creek emptying into McDonald Creek

Glacier NP 17 - another of the many falls on McDonald Creek

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Glacier NP 18 - Sacred Dancing Cascade

Last weekend was spent watching the women's softball super regionals that determine who goes to the Women's College World Series (WCWS) in Oklahoma City starting this last Thursday. The SEC had five teams make it to the WCWS, including our Lady Gators who are the defending National Champions.

For the most part we just stayed around the Mothership most of the week as it was trying to rain and thunderstorm most every day though it never did either. We were able to go into Glacier NP on Tuesday and visit the West entrance, drive up to Avalanche Point on the Going to the Sun road and take a short hike on the Trail of the Cedars, a very nice trail through the huge cedar trees in the park, about half of it boardwalk.

Thursday was the first day of the Women's College World Series and there were four games to occupy our time. Our lady Gators beat Tennessee to get into the winner's bracket and will play LSU Friday night to try and stay there.

Friday, we went back into Kalispell so Doris could get her craft shopping fix. This required a stop at Joann's and the Glacier Quilt shop. Of course there was a Dollar Tree right around the corner and that also necessitated a stop - luckily (for me) and somewhat of a surprise, we didn't see a Dollar General or that would have been another stop!!

We did get back to the Mothership in time to see our Lady Gators beat LSU to remain the only unbeaten team in our bracket. They only have to win one more game Sunday and they will be in the two out of three Championship Series with whoever comes out of the other bracket. As I write this, it's 10:20 p.m. on the east coast and it looks like UCLA might beat Michigan in that other bracket to become the favorite in that bracket. Are you confused yet? At least out here it's only 8:20 p.m. so this game should be over before bedtime - 10:00 p.m. - I love Mountain Time!!

Nope, Michigan came back and stayed in the winner's bracket.

The Gator's baseball team managed to eke out a 13-0 win over Florida A&M tonight so all they have to do is win two more games in these regionals to advance to the super-regionals next weekend. The super-regional winners go to Omaha for the Men's College World Series.

The NBA Finals start Thursday night so all of these sports is really tiring me out - it's almost as bad as holiday bowl games - and Doris manages to put up with me during all this - quite a woman!!! :)

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