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St. Thomas has been a much beloved vacation destination over the years. Cruise ships brought us here for a day's visit and we loved its natural beauty so much that we stayed on after some cruise vacations. It's a schizophrenic place; crazy busy when the cruise ships are at the dock and peaceful and empty as soon as they sail away. St. Thomas suffers from a lack of water, so it will never sustain a large population, so making a living from the cruisers is a perfect solution. They have money to spend and arrive full of food and drink, ready to shop or spend a day at one of the beautiful beaches. Charlotte Amalie, the main town, must have more fine jewelry stores per block than any other town in the world. There are many nice beaches, so it's easy to get quiet and solitude even when the dock is full of ships.

It is more challenging to drive here than in Cornwall. They also drive on the left, but in American cars, so that subtle signal about which side of the road to stay on is missing. The roads are very steep and winding. You can come over a rise and not see the road below you. But there really is nowhere to go so we take it slow and that seems to work just fine. There are frequent road signs reminding us to stay on the left.

There were only three ships here today. One was the Oasis of the Seas, which we just got off of a week ago. It would seem like we should have just stayed on board to come here, but it is sailing on and we needed a bit of time at home to take care of business and repack for a wedding celebration. The cruisers have a sense of urgency as they hurry to see it all and make the most of their day here. We moseyed around, remembering favorite spots and watched the sky get darker and darker.

After a stop for groceries we returned to the condo as the rain began to fall in buckets. Lightening flashed and we lost electricity, which was quickly remedied by the condo generator. The wind blew hard and we slalomed down the road to the restaurant for dinner, avoiding fallen branches and trees. The restaurant was on the beach, part of a hotel complex where we had stayed the first time we stayed here. More memories.

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