Road Trip 2013 travel blog

It's warm once you get in!

Kaiden on his way in again!

I'm shy!

Come on in the water's fine!

Hi Mom!

Sadi the dolphin!

Faithie the diver!

The ballroom...

Time to eat Papa!

Camping out with Papa & Nana!

We woke up around 7:00 am.

Nana made pancakes, sausage and bacon. Yum yum!!

We enjoyed and caught up on everything with Nicki and the kids in the morning.

Then off to Cazenovia Collage pool for a swim in the afternoon. A little chilly but it was heated and not bad! Free swim was from one to four and we stayed the whole time! We had a great time. The Grandchildren were all swimming around like fish. One of the life guards on duty decided that he would spend most of his time texting which was really annoying...why is this? Towards the end of free swim he decided to climb back into his life chair, slipped, missed the step and flopped into the pool! He almost wiped out on the side of the pool! Heck when do you expect to need a life guard for the life guard?

With getting back from the pool so late we decided to have hamburger, hotdogs and tossed salad for dinner instead of the roast we had taken out earlier. Greg grilled outside while Dave and I played catch with Tallon and Kaiden. Tallon was really impressed that Pops and Nannie both had softball gloves!

Nicki made a special rub for the roast and let marinade overnight. Boy did it look good!

Sadi and Tallon spent the night with Nanna and Pops. We watched the movie Dolphin Tales until the kids fell asleep.

All is great!

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