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Some of the rockets fired at Woomera

Our campsite at Mt Remarkable

Day 27 of our Joy – Tuesday 23 April 2013

Coober Pedy to Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable

Today we went to the Visitor’s centre and filled up with diesel then got on the road.

We stopped at Woomera which is a very interesting town that used to do rocket, missile and nuclear testing. They would make the rockets and put it up in the air and see what things worked and not. They did this here as there is lots of space. This town also used to be a town where the illegal immigrants used to have to stay. There was a building that the government built and it was meant to hold 400 people but instead it held 1400 people. It only had 5 toilets and 3 washing machines, they closed this as it wasn’t designed correctly and the people were very unhappy living in such terrible conditions. Now you can see many of the houses are the same as the government made them for the army people.

We went to the hospital to see a doctor so Alex could get a script for his infected toe. Luckily it was a Tuesday as this is the only day of the week a doctor comes to town and luckily we got in to see the doctor. We got the script from the doctor but the doctor suspected Alex will have to have an operation on his foot as he has an ingrown toe nail. We enjoyed talking to some of the locals while we waited to see the doctor.

We got back on road, hoping to make it to Mount Remarkable National Park which is 50km from Port Augusta. On the way we needed to stop at a chemist to get Alex’s medicine. We also went to the bathroom at the petrol station and thought it was a shared bathroom but it wasn’t, a lady going into the toilets wondered why Alex was coming out of the ladies, he was very embarrassed.

Finally we arrived at Mambray Creek campsite in Mount Remarkable National Park as it was getting dark. We were looking for a campsite when we saw the Atkins again, how remarkable!

We set up the camper quickly, started a fire and got our meatballs into the camp oven. We had our showers while the dinner was cooking over the fire.

We ended the day with a nice campfire and another chat with the Atkins.

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