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Early morning freeze

From Villingen we head northwards to Freudenstadt ( where our hotel is. More of the same magical drive. A lot of small villages to pass through slows us down somewhat but in no way does it diminish the experience. At any moment we expect to see Santa and his reindeers pop out from the trees.

A small hitch when we get close to our destination - the GPS keeps steering us to a dead end road, smoe 400m from our destination. After a bit of basic map reading, we soon worked out which way to head to solve the problem, and in no time we are presernting ourselves at the reception of the hotel. Once again we have struck gold with the quality of the accommodation. The hotel is small and modern run by a very friendly lady who soon makes us feel welcome. Did I mention the view? Quite breathtaking - standing on the balcony we look out over the snow covered valley and slopes.

Freudenstadt proves to be a real gem. Its a medium sized ski town. Lots of alpine chalets, lodges, and restaurants. We spent the next two days just driving around to the myriad of small villages that cover the valleys of the Black Forest region (and by the way, the "Black Forest" cake we get at home - not even close to the real thing). We even found a village which is Julie's ancestral home (or so we think) - Lossburger.

The whole region is like something out of a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale - we keep expecting to see Hansel and Gretel come skipping down the road.

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