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A very tight circle to for me to maneuver a 50' truck/trailer...

The backup on the other side of I-80 went on for about...

Our campsite at Sunny's Campground

Bob picking lots of peppers

We should have dried a bunch and taken them to my SIL,...

All different colors

This is now a private residence

Such a colorful roof

I bet it's beautiful inside.

It's been interesting to see the change in soil colors as we travel from the southwest to the east ... from red to brown to, in some places, almost black soil. And yet, there are large crops in all the soils. Really neat, actually.

Today's trip was mostly on state highways which always provide scenic views. We traveled through Elkhart, IN where it appears the RV manufacturers are doing rather well. Through the Amish country with their beautiful, well-kept farms (just like in PA), and on into Ohio. Today's stop was in Wauseon, OH at Sunny's Campground which is HUGE, in the middle of farm country and contains mostly seasonals. The golf cart traffic in this campground is unbelievable! I felt like the lane in front of us was a super highway for golf carts!! People going here; people going there; people going everywhere.


Of course, I went out geocaching and found a lot of caches dedicated to Barney Oldfield along the dirt farm roads around the area. Some history from one of the geocache sites (courtesy of "The Speed King" (cache owner)):

"Berna Eli "Barney" Oldfield (June 3, 1878 - October 4, 1946) was born on a farm just outside of Wauseon, Ohio.

He went on to become this nation's first great automobile racer.

Because automobiles at the time were handmade and thus very expensive, most owners were extremely wealthy. Automobile clubs catered to this clientele, with selective membership policies; most owners and drivers were millionaires. The sport was well on its way to becoming the province of the rich, much like yachting or polo. Very few drivers came from the working class, and those who did, such as famed racer Ralph DePalma, did all they could to make the wealthy owners of their cars feel comfortable. DePalma, for example, wore the clothing of a chauffeur, and gave the owner of the car credit for his victories.

Oldfield, on the other hand, refused to wear uniforms, chewed cigars while he drove, and was not particularly loyal to sponsors—if a better offer came along, he took it. He talked loudly, swore often, spent time in bars, and did not show extra respect to the rich. He also took his machines, named the Blitzen Benz, the Green Dragon, the Golden Submarine, and others—out to county fairs and other venues and gave rural people a show they would never forget. Messer Kruse wrote, "For many Oldfield's cars were not the first they had ever seen, but they were the first they had ever seen driven by someone they could recognize as one of their own.""

BUT, not only did I find geocaches, I also found a field full of peppers!! We love grilling the red, yellow and green peppers but they are rather expensive in the stores so this was like treasure! I went back and got Bob and we drove back to my "find". Stopped at the barn and we were told they were "you pick it" fields so off we went. Red peppers, yellow peppers and green peppers ... and HOT peppers of all colors! We don't eat hot peppers but my son-in-law loves to can and pickle stuff and we surely wanted to take some of the hot little tiny peppers (about 1 1/2" long) back to him but we didn't think they'd last until we got there so..... We DID pick a lot of the bigger ones, though, and we'll be eating grilled and/or stuffed peppers for a week or so. So see, you learn and find a lot of different stuff when you're out geocaching.

You also learn to do dumpster-diving when you live in your RV. I was taking some stuff to the dumpster and I looked in and there were 3 perfectly good plants...2 impatiens and a beautiful geranium. The campground is closing for the season this coming weekend and, instead of taking their summer plant home, people just throw them away. Well, what's good for the dumper is great for the diver! Brought them home and Bob trimmed them up and they look beautiful!

Tomorrow is our last stop for awhile. We're going to spend a week or two at a campground near my brother's new house. He sold his 2-story, 8-room, 2 1/2 bath house (where we always stayed before) and moved into a beautiful 1-story, 4 room, 1 1/2 bath home about 8 miles from the first.

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