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It's such a treat to be camped on the hard packed sand not too far from the waves for $12/night. If we need more fresh water or to empty the gray tanks, there's a campground facility nearby. We always think about how much we would be paying to stay in a hotel right on the water. There are a number of charming subdivisions near Port Aransas that have lovely beach homes painted in pastel colors. They are trimmed in white and many have those slatted shutters that let in the fresh air and keep out the sun. We've been exploring them by bicycle and I often muse whether it would be nice to purchase such a haven close to the beach. But as we sit here on a perfect day at the water's edge, we have to think about the days that are not so perfect, the days when hurricane warnings fill the air waves. It's great to enjoy this spot with no strings attached and feel free to wander on when the time is right.

While it's always fun to watch the waves and the sea birds, we are on the inlet to Corpus Christi Bay and every so often a large ship passes by. In the morning when the fog was still thick we knew they were out there by the sound of the fog horns. It must be a challenge to find this small inlet when you can't see. We joined a few other beach campers, sitting on lawn chairs, sipping some wine and enjoying the views of the big ships passing by. Life is good!

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