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We left Destruction Bay about 8:00am. anxious to tackle the road ahead. If its as bad as we have been told, will take a while to get to Tok, plus we have to go thru US customs. As feared, the road was as bad as they made it out to be for many miles. Rain also on and off, but that did help keep the dust down. The "frost heaves" are the worst if you don't slow down for them. They are like high rounded speed bumps as the frost has heaved the road up and then down. Some were isolated and others were in groups, kinda like skiing moguls you have seen on TV. We tried to take it slow and easy, but we still got surprised a couple of times. The gravel stretches weren't too bad, but some were wash boarded, so we just went slow. Pot holes, generally you could see and maybe swerve to avoid them, but not always. Lots of construction stops for one way traffic as well. This is the Alaskan Highway you have heard about. One good thing about it, was that our gas mileage was the highest we had ever attained pulling our camper. Slow does help. One of our cabinets opened sometime during the day due to the roly poly conditions, and spilled some stuff out. Somewhere along the way we stopped at "Buckshot Betty's for some lunch, and it was a good stop for us and some of the other "Trackers". Customs wasn't as long as we thought it might be, but it was still a good half hour. Only one lane open, but quite a few people going thru. The road was much better in the US, but still some areas were bad. We stopped at the Tetlin Passage Interpretive Center for a little while to check out the view and see the displays , but were anxious to get to camp so didn't stay too long. got to The "Sourdough RV Campgrounds" about 3:00pm or so, and had a nice campsite amongst some trees, etc. Much better than Destruction Bay, We took showers, and I took the first ever shower in our camper. It was cozy, but better than dragging all your stuff to the campgrounds one. Joanne opted for the campground one, but may try ours the next time, she said. Had some leftovers for dinner, then our Fairbanks briefing at 6:00pm. Went to the campground pavilion for their famous Sourdough Pancake toss. it was funny for a while, but dragged on too long. After the competition was over, they had some live music with a guy and gal that did their best to do Johnny Cash and June Carter. It was pleasant to listen to, and he was quite good, she not so. Stayed to listen for a couple of hours and then off to bed.

We are a little more relaxed now that we will be in the US and Alaska for the next 3 weeks or so. It is good to be back in the US .

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