Sandinista murals Leon

The sound of the alarm had little effet on me...or did it?

Fountain in one of my Granada hotels open air gardens

Iced cocoa tea drinking area and laptop workroom

Me attemptiing to suck grappa from my bathroom still

Hotel colonnade

Another garden area

Shaded colonnade and art pics

More pics of hotel

Bevare! Bevare! The black hole lurking at the centre of our galaxy is closer than we think how else to describe the inertia that has kept me Leon bound for so long! Anyway yes i have left Leon I planned to go to the capital Managua but i have ended up in Granada! When i did a search expedia.com it looked up Managua and surrounding vicinity......i was tired and i liked the look of the place and i paid...when i was noting down the details the address was listed as Granada....i thought the name is Spa Granada...that's it..BUT NO it actually is in Granada!...Room is nice air con and TV it's been awhile...crazy copper pipe still.sculpture for dispensing water...i have to photo it...i was expecting whiskey.... now my Internet works,,,but not in my room.....

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