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Being camped at Betty's was a lot like spending a long Thanksgiving weekend with your family. We ate too much, sat around and talked a lot, and did very little that was touristy. People gathered every day for a happy hour that could easily end up being more like happy two hours. It's not that the drinking was excessive, but older travelers just have so many great stories to share. One couple took us to a bar where Cajan musicians come to jam on Saturdays. The smell of smoke hit me in the face as we went inside and the sound was much too loud. It sounded like country western music + accordion. And we are not country music fans. I was glad that I got a chance to see what it all was about, but I left with a migraine. Another night we had a surprise birthday potluck for one of the campers. Another occasion with way too much food. Betty recommended the local theater where we joined twenty other people for a decent performance of "Blythe Spirit." Our hands ached from clapping as we tried to make up for the lack of audience. Betty sells a T shirt which has a spider web on it and says, "Get caught in Betty's web." It would be easy to let that happen. Some of our fellow campers had already spent over a month in her tiny parking lot.

Staying at Betty's costs less than $20/night, but we moved down the road to a casino campground that only charges $10. Camping in Louisiana should improve our nightly average cost after that pricey month in Florida. The casino campground has picnic tables, paved sites and full utilities and gave us $10 fee for gambling. We are so inexperienced, we stuck the casino cards into the slot machines and could not get them to work. So we left. Much more importantly the campers next door have a cat who regularly opens our screen door and pays us a visit. There's nothing like a purring cat to warm the heart.

People keep asking us when we will head for home and we're wondering that ourselves. Spring has arrived and the temperatures improve every day, but when we look at the forecast from home, it's still unreliable. And between here and home there have been some nasty thunderstorms and tornados on a fairly regular basis. We may be out of Betty's web, but we'll stay down in the bayou a while longer.

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