2010 Tour of New England and the Maritimes travel blog

We finally got the windshield replaced on Winnie on Monday. It was cracked all the way across. While we waited, we did the laundry down the street. I can’t believe it cost nearly $15 (Canadian) to do 2 loads. According to the woman at the Laundromat, they use LPG for the dryers because electricity is so expensive. The washers were $5 per load and the dryers cost $0.25 for 2 minutes! I can’t believe how expensive it is to visit (live?) in Canada. Gas has ranged from $0.96 to $1.13 per liter ($3.63 to $4.27/gallon), but the price can only be changed (up or down) once a week. Milk ($7.40/gallon) and milk products are outrageous. A 12-pack of Coors Light 12 oz cans cost $20.32 (Beer = $16.63; Container deposit = $1.20; Sales Tax = $2.49) from the NSLC store (“state store”) so it’s too expensive to get drunk. I not sure that has sunk into Canadians because on Cape Breton there were at least 25 AA chapters surrounding the National Park (Don’t take this as a slur toward Canadians, just an observation). In order to help you make “wise, healthy” choices in your grocery purchases, they nudge you in that direction by charging a 15% sales tax on candy, chips, soda, and other snack type foods as well as food that you buy in restaurants. I’ll bet there aren’t any fat people in Canada (not). The exchange rate for US dollars is about 0.96, but if you buy stuff on a credit or debit card, you are charged a 3% “foreign transaction fee”. So if you are going to visit Canada, fill the trunk with cash (not too much or they'll get you at the border for smuggling)so you don’t have to use a credit card or bring all of your food with you. Not much you can do about gas.

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