Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

Approaching Mendora

North Dakota Badlands

Theodore Roosvelts home in North Dakota before the Ranch House

It was journaled that one log end was branded signifying it was...

Teddy's kitchen

Imagine a president today sleeping here

We had a great tour guide.

Theodore himself

Strong Willed Man

This is his undershirt marked where the bullet entered

Amazing how they know this.

Mendora, North Dakota

This buffalo was 30 feet from the car. Not a shot you...

He kept butting his head, we think he did not know how...

1 of a thousand Priarie Dogs we saw, right next to the...

A herd of buffalo

Wild flower

Buffalo foot print

Roosevelt National Park South End

More Park

Mule Deer

Transportation, cannot keep windows clean of bugs and yet there are no...

Rock formations change constantly from erosion, thought this looked like a birds...

Another priarie dog, could spend the day just watching these guys play

Bully Pulpit Golf course at the National Park, playing on 6/24

Grass and greens are perfect

Coors in a plastic bottle, needed to discuss our tee time

More of the course, no animals and hopefully no rattlers or bull...

This young man was walking a horse through town, I think he...

Miles today 119

Arrived early and checked into the campground and headed for Mendora to tour the southern side of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The park is so beautiful and I learned things about history that I would never have known. Roosevelts wife and mother died on the same Valentines day (the mother had typhoid and his wife contacted a kidney failure disease and died within 5 hours) and left him with a small daughter. He was unable to raise her and gave her to a relative and headed to live in North Dakota. Came in as a true city slicker and learned how to adapt and deal with the harsh weather. Lived in a log cabin. His first winter he bought 1500 cattle and became a rancher. That winter the weather was so harsh 2/3 of the cattle froze to death. Said many were found standing and fell as they thawed out. NOT anything I want to deal with.

He is the only president to have a National Park named after him. AND he fought to establish the parks so that they would not be destoyed as life changed.

I lot of pictures and alot of memories

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